Golf Equipment example

This is an example Golf Equipment survey. This survey includes questions like:

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1) The last time you purchased golf clubs, did you purchase?
  • driver
  • fairway woods
  • irons
  • wedge
  • putter
What brand and model of the following clubs do you currently play?
2) Driver- Brand_______________ Model_______________
3) Fairway Woods- Brand__________ Model__________
4) Irons- Brand__________ Model__________
5) Wedges- Brand__________ Model__________
6) Putter- Brand__________ Model__________
7) Did you make any of your golf club purchases from our pro-shop?
  • Yes
  • No
8) What if anything can we do to improve your shopping experience at our pro-shop?
9) I found the pro-shop staff to very helpful in my purchase.
10) Which of the following have you purchased from the pro-shop in the past 6 months?
  • golf bag
  • golf glove
  • golf balls
  • golf shoes
  • clothing
11) If golf purchases have been made elsewhere, why?
12) How much did you spend on your last pro shop purchase?
  • $0 - $10
  • $11 - $25
  • $26 - $75
  • $76 - $150
  • $151 or more
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