Corporate uniform survey example

This is an example Corporate uniform survey survey. This survey includes questions like:

We hope this will help you create your own Corporate uniform survey survey. We have not tested the validitiy or reliability of this survey. However, you may use this as a starting point to help your own survey instrument. Feel free to change and edit any of our survey templates to help you get started.

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Do you currently wear the corporate uniform?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Please let us know why you answered yes or no?

For when you choose a corporate uniform please rate each of the following issues, where 1 is least important, 3 is neutral and 5 is of high importance, please select all that are relevant.

  1 2 3 4 5
Wash and wear
Natural Fabric
Ability to co-ordinate pieces
Ability for complimentary accessories
Styles / articles can be altered to be more suited to the individual body shape and height
Use of Locally based (Cairns area) supplier
I do not wish to comment

Please select the statement below that most reflects your views on selection of the corporate uniform - please select the most relevant answer only?

  • I am willing to pay more to receive better quality clothing
  • It is important to have a wide range of articles to choose from
  • Clothing should be from a local supplier is possible, even if it is more expensive.
  • Price is the most important factor when selecting my corporate uniform.
  • I do not wish to comment
  • Other:

Do you have any other issues you would like the uniform committee to consider as they select a supplier for the corporate uniform?

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