Collaborative Learning example

This is an example Collaborative Learning survey. This survey includes questions like:

We hope this will help you create your own Collaborative Learning survey. We have not tested the validitiy or reliability of this survey. However, you may use this as a starting point to help your own survey instrument. Feel free to change and edit any of our survey templates to help you get started.

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1) What type of collaborative learning do you use in the classroom? (Check all that apply)
  • In-Class Work Groups
  • Online Chat/Discussion Groups
  • E-Mail Chat Groups
  • Single Project Teams
  • Other:
2) In establishing collaborative groups, what method do you use to assign students to groups?
  • Student Choice
  • Random Assignment
  • By Ability
  • By Seating
  • Other:
3) For which of the following reasons will you allow students to transfer or withdraw from group work?
  • Serious Incompatibility Issues
  • Inability to Meet with Group at Designated Time
  • Failure to Complete Required Tasks
  • No Allowances for Transfers or Withdrawals from Groups
4) To what extent do you work with groups to solve group dynamic problems?
  • Great Deal
  • Some
  • Little
  • None (Do not get involved)
5) Please rank the following benefits of collaborative learning by importance with 1 being least important and 5 being most important.
  1 2 3 4 5
Learning to Work in Groups
Help to Learn Course Content
Increase Between-Student Communication
Increase Student Involvement
Foster Integration (gender%2C racial%2C ethnic%2C etc)
6) How much time do you spend working with individual groups in an average week?
7) How often do you receive complaints from students about other group/team members?
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never
8) Do you require regular reports/assignments from groups or only the final product?
  • Reports/Assignments
  • Final Project Only
9) Have you attended any training sessions or workshops on collaborative learning?
  • Yes
  • No
10) From which of the following sources do you get collaborative learning ideas? (Check all that apply)
  • Training Sessions or Workshops
  • Teaching Publications
  • Colleagues
  • Online Sources
  • Other:
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