2019 NTACT Capacity Building Institute - May 7-9

Welcome to the Registration Page for the 2019 NTACT Capacity Building Institute!

The Capacity Building Institute will officially begin at 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7th and end at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, 2019. There will be pre-institute workshops on Tuesday morning, May 7th.


Interdisciplinary state teams (state education agency [special and career technical education]; state vocational rehabilitation agency; parent centers; state departments of disability, mental health, or juvenile justice; university personnel; employers; local educators and service providers; youth with disabilities; familiy members) of 4 – 10 people will gain knowledge and skills for implementing effective practices and building capacity. Teams participate in facilitated state team planning to improve transition services, high school completion rates, and improved postsecondary outcomes of students and youth with disabilities. Content sessions and workshops are delivered by national, state, and local leaders in the field. 


a) Gain content knowledge for enhancing effective secondary transition programs including evidence-based intervention and implementation strategies to improve students’ postsecondary outcomes (college and career) (e.g., work experiences, program evaluation), b) Increase knowledge and application of strategies for data collection, reporting, and use across IDEA, RSA, and other data sources; c) participate in a continuous improvement model to build capacity of systems that prepare students for success in college and careers; and d) gain knowledge and information from State team colleagues, national technical assistance and dissemination centers and organizations to support states’ capacity building related to improved student outcomes.


The Institute will provide (a) alternating content around common areas of need identified through analyses of state plans developed and updated during previous (2007 – 2018) Institutes, SPP/APR data, RSA data, and requests for technical assistance from NTACT, partner centers, and related professional organizations, and feedback from OSERS; (b) neutrally facilitated planning time for interdisciplinary State teams; and (c)  opportunities for cross State sharing.

An draft agenda is available at www.transitionta.org under Events.  Registration for the CBI is free.

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